Acid Attacks

The recent acid attacks that have been going on in London have really touched my heart. I work in the Scientific industry, so therefore I regularly use different acids on a daily basis. Why I took notice of this acid attack in particular was because the victim, Resham Khan, is such a beautiful girl. I've… Continue reading Acid Attacks

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I am so rubbish at posting lately! I have had so many incidents happening in my life that I just didn't have time but hey ho! Amsterdam was one of those "Let's go somewhere this weekend" moments. We looked online for some deals and because it was last minute, we found some relatively cheap deals,… Continue reading Amsterdam

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My husband and I decided to visit Paris one weekend. It is a city I have always wanted to visit and there was a special offer on the Eurostar website. £60 return!! It's more expensive visiting London from the North! So we made our way to London via the Megabus and got on to the… Continue reading Paris

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My Honeymoon – Maldives and Dubai

My honeymoon. Oh my god, what an amazing time we had! We went to the Maldives and Dubai. Seriously people, you need to visit Maldives once in your lifetime. There is nothing that compares. It's so beautiful. Before I got married, I didn't know you could do two holidays in one package. I thought it… Continue reading My Honeymoon – Maldives and Dubai