Acid Attacks

The recent acid attacks that have been going on in London have really touched my heart.

I work in the Scientific industry, so therefore I regularly use different acids on a daily basis. Why I took notice of this acid attack in particular was because the victim, Resham Khan, is such a beautiful girl. I’ve heard of an acid attack done before on Katie Piper. That was, even though horrific as well, a revenge attack by her boyfriend. However, on Resham, it was an unprovoked attack. She was going around doing her daily duties, when someone decided to throw acid through her car window and through the passenger window at her cousin.

I honestly cannot contemplate the pain they or any acid attack victims have gone through.

When working with acid, I always make sure I wear gloves. I remember there are times I get a tiny drop on my hand and it is so painful that I quickly run to the sink and wash it off, even then it stings afterwards. But these people were covered with acid on their faces!! The face is sensitive as it is. I just cannot comprehend it. It makes me so sad thinking about it.

I have no idea why you can buy these acids and why you would want to throw it at someone or use it as a weapon.

I do think twice about leaving my car window down now.

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