I am so rubbish at posting lately! I have had so many incidents happening in my life that I just didn’t have time but hey ho!

Amsterdam was one of those “Let’s go somewhere this weekend” moments. We looked online for some deals and because it was last minute, we found some relatively cheap deals, so we booked!

We flew with EasyJet. That was an experience in itself. Whilst we were about to take off, some passenger decided he really needed the toilet and couldn’t wait and got up so the pilot had to abort take off. This passenger wasn’t popular to say the least! After about an hour delay, (you can’t just take off any time you want), we finally set off.

It was only an 45 minute flight, before I knew it, I was in Amsterdam! It took less time to drive to the airport!

We didn’t really have much of an itinerary so we just went with the flow.

We stayed in the Hilton Hotel. This was a lovely hotel as it was only a 15 minute drive from the airport and the train station is conveniently located across the road and the town centre is one train stop away.

There isn’t much to do in Amsterdam so I thought two days was enough. There is no major historical landmarks compared to other major European cities so I just wanted to relax and stroll around.

It is a beautiful city. Canals everywhere, which made it really scenic. The people are really lovely too.

So you arrive at Amsterdam Central station, which a lovely building. The Amsterdam Visitor Centre is across the road and that has all the information you need.

I really wanted to visit the Anne Frank House but the queues were so so long. The end of the queue was at the end of a road. I recommend you pre-book this if you can.

We visited the I Am Amsterdam sign, which is located in Museumplein.

But the highlight of my trip was a visit to Winkle 43 to try the famous Apple Pie. Omg it was so good. So cinnamon-y, so yummy! I would visit Amsterdam just to have this again.


We ate at Bazar.


Unfortunately my phone died so I didn’t get to take many pictures at the restaurant. I hate it when that happens.


  • Pre-book the Anne Frank museum if you want to go there!

Address and Contacts

Winkle 43 (Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 20 623 0223)

Bazar (Albert Cuypstraat 182, 1073 BL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 20 675 0544)


2 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. I was just in Amsterdam yesterday 😊


  2. It’s a lovely place isn’t it! I would love to go again.


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