My Honeymoon – Maldives and Dubai

My honeymoon. You only tend to believe you will have one honeymoon, so you always want it to be a holiday you want to remember for the rest of your lifetime.

Therefore, we chose to go to Maldives and Dubai.

Maldives because it secluded on a little island, the views are breathtaking and it is very romantic. Dubai because we flew via Emirates so it was a stopover destination anyway, therefore the flights had already been paid for so a hotel was only a additional cost and it would be nice to have few days of contrast to Maldives by visiting a city.

Before I got married, I did not know you could visit two destinations in one package. I thought it would be complicated and you would have to book the hotels, flights and transfers separately. I spent ages searching for the right destinations. I knew I wanted to go to two countries. I also knew I wanted to go somewhere, that was a “honeymoon” destination as my first stop and a city, for my second stop.

That is when I came across the terms “Multi-Center” and “Twin Center” holidays. This is basically a holiday where you can go to multiple destinations in one package. Wahoo! This is exactly what I wanted!

I phoned numerous tour operators to see what the best quotes they could give me. Finally, I settled to go with Hayes and Jarvis. I told them my budget and that I wanted to do Dubai after Maldives, not before, like some packages that were advertised. I chose to do 7 nights in Maldives and 3 nights in Dubai. Transfers were included and flights were with Emirates.

We stayed in Meeru Island in Maldives and Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai.

I really hate flying. I am scared of heights and I have watched too many Air Crash Investigations (silly me!). I am literally holding on to my dear life and praying throughout the whole journey. However, I did not mind flying with Emirates. I still disliked being in the air, but the food was lovely, the entertainment was really good and the seats were somewhat comfy so it did make flying more bearable. Therefore, I always try to look out for a Emirates flight where ever possible.

Review: Meeru Island

Meeru Island is an 90-acre island of Meerufenfushi. We arrived by speedboat, which I have never done before. When I arrived, I was amazed by its gorgeous sun, sparkling seas and white sandy beaches. It was like paradise. We went in March, so the temperature was around 32 degrees. I was so hot! When we arrived, they gave is a Welcome drink and a cold towel, which is just what I needed whilst we filled in some paperwork. We were then taken to our room.


Room: We had chosen to stay in a Beach Villa. Our luggage was already there, which was nice. Our room was clean and spacious. The shower was situated in a garden (don’t worry, there are walls around!), which in the hot weather it was a blessing. We had our own patio, which overlooked the sand and the sea. It was so surreal and beautiful. We had rose petals shaped as a heart on our bed, that was a nice touch.

Food: We ate at the buffet restaurant and snack bar. The food was lovely and plenty of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The drinks were nice and cold. Since it was so hot, I just wanted cold milk and cornflakes towards the end of the holiday for breakfast! Boring, I know!

Spa: We decided to do a joint body massage together. This was wonderful. We had the view of the fishes beneath us. This is a must, as it is not something you can get to do often! The staff were so kind and friendly. The massage itself was relaxing. I would definitely recommend this! They gave us mint tea and a snack afterwards.

Snorkeling: It was great that we could walk out of our villa, and go straight into the reef to do some snorkeling. I loved it. I saw some amazing fish. I saw Tuna! They were huge!

Excursions: We decided to do the Fishing Boat trip (3 Hours) and the Sunset Cruise. I have never been fishing before. You sit there with your fishing rod, until it catches on to a fish, and then the staff reel it in for you. We were lucky enough to catch 5 big fish between us. You get to choose whether you want to have them for dinner, but we opted out. The Fishing trip was fun but I don’t think its something I would do again. I felt quite sea sick so it took all my willpower not to actually be sick! I was so glad to back on the island at the end. The Sunset Cruise was really good. We were quite lucky as we got to see a lot of dolphins! Seeing the sunset was an amazing experience and really special.

Overall, I loved Meeru Island and I would definitely visit again for another major occasion, like an anniversary.


  • You will only need one or two pair of flip-flops or sandals. You could even walk on bare feet. Maybe take some evening flat shoes.
  • Do not take your own towels. There are plenty.
  • Take some snorkeling goggles, it’s a must. You can borrow some too but I wish I took my own to save some money.
  • Take loads of sun cream.
  • Lightweight clothes, depending on the season.
  • Buy a waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone, if you want to go snorkeling.
  • I was unfortunately poorly for a couple of days so I had to see the doctor, which was quite expensive. So take some medication! Just in case!
  • Enjoy, take in the surroundings and take plenty of pictures!

Review: Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

We arrived here by a shared shuttle bus. The hotel was modern, spacious and very clean. Our bed was huge! There is a pool on the roof, which is great for families. The ambiance here was great.


Food: We only ate breakfast here. There was such a wide selection. It was so yummy and so hard to choose! They had Coco Pops!! Which is a big win in my eyes (I only eat them if I see them on holiday or a hotel we are staying at, I stay away from them at home. It is a treat for me). They also had freshly made smoothies and little jam jars on your table.

What we did: Transport is done via taxis mostly. There isn’t much other travel options or they were very confusing. However, the taxis were really cheap. We went the Dubai mall, which was enormous. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory. The portions are huge!!! We didn’t realize, so when we ordered a starter, main and dessert each. We could have shared each one between us.


We went to the Burj Khalifa at night. We saw the Dubai Fountain show, which was nice.

We visited the Souk Madina Jumeriah markets. I really liked the atmosphere here. They had that Moroccan-gypsy type theme. I love Moroccan themes.

Me and my husband also did a Bateaux Dinner Cruise. We really enjoyed this and the food was lovely. We actually got it for 2 for 1, otherwise I don’t think I would have paid the full price (see my tips to see how I did this).

Overall, it was a nice trip to Dubai. I am more into culture and history of a place so I did not find Dubai fascinating as I thought I would but I think maybe it was because we were only here for three days. I am glad, I came here after Maldives though as by the end of our honeymoon, I was refreshed, tanned and ready to go back home! I’d love to go back though and spend more time here and actually take my time exploring.


  • Dubai – The Entertainer. This is basically a book you can buy for about £40, where it gives pages of 2 for 1 vouchers for different food places, attractions etc. You can also buy it on eBay from people who haven’t used all the vouchers. I think this is great book if you are staying for more than a week. However since we only stayed for 3 days, I didn’t bother investing in one. Therefore, I went on eBay, and certain sellers sell individual vouchers instead. I bought the 2 for 1 Bateaux Dubai cruise for £5. So when I booked it, I only paid £80 for the cruise plus £5 for the voucher, as apposed to the £160 I would have paid. So I made a saving there! Look on eBay, you never know, you might find a voucher you are interested in!

Address and Contacts

Meeru Island Resort and Spa (Meeru Island Resort & Spa, North Male’ Atoll, Maldives, Telephone: +960 664 3157, Fax: +960 664 5946, Email:,

Movenpick Hotel and Apartments Bur Dubai (19th Street, Oud Metha Area – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Phone: +971 4 336 6000,





6 thoughts on “My Honeymoon – Maldives and Dubai

  1. look forward to seeing some beautiful pictures 🙂


    1. Hopefully I will have some on soon! 😊

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  2. Truly stunning pictures!! Definitely makes me want to travel and visit the Maldives someday! xoxo Sarah

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    1. Thank you!!! Aww you definitely should. It is paradise! xoxo

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  3. Amazing photos! Also, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! You don’t have to take part, but if you would like to there is more info on my blog 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I loved to!! I will take a read! x

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